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At School of Success Academy we support student athletes both on and off the pitch, court, field, and track. For more information on athletic programs and becoming a student athlete: Click here 

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Join us on Saturday, August 05, 2017, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, for SOS Academy Middle School Orientation! (Informational Flyer)

Welcome to a new and exciting school year at SOS (School of Success) Academy Charter Middle School, the home of the Eagles,  with a Score of Educating Students by Discovering & Realizing Their Possibilities and where a student’s future soars to new heights!  










SOS Academy Charter Middle School offers:

  • A proven and accredited program for students in grades 6 – 8
  • Programming for students over age for grade (Graduation Enhancement) that will help them get on grade level
  • Technology rich classrooms and two computer labs
  • Courses that provide high school credit for eighth graders
  • Free after-school program sponsored by the City of Jacksonville Parks and Recreation Department that includes tutoring, sports, and snacks
  • Experienced and Florida Department of Education certified teachers
  • Services for students in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) including Speech Therapy and support and consultation services for the students by a certified ESE teacher
  • Counseling services for students and parents provided by personnel from River Region Human Services
  • Access to workshops and support services for parents through River Region Human Services
  • On-site health care and referrals by a nurse from the Florida Department of Health that works at the school one day each week
  • Visits by organizations that provide vision screening, referrals and access to free eyewear for identified students
  • By-weekly in-school mentoring program for all students
  • By-weekly clubs and activities for all students — Arts and Crafts, Dance, Sports, Bible, Journalism, etc.
  • Code of Student Conduct implemented using an In-School Suspension Program (ISSP) prior to using more punitive strategies
  • Weekly leadership/empowerment program for girls provided through Girls, Inc.
  • A safe and caring learning environment that meets the needs of students and the requirements of the Florida Department of Education
  • Preparation for eighth graders to make an easy transition to high school

SOS Academy Middle School is a tuition-free public charter school

Parent Survey

Parent Survey

SOS AcademyThe goal of School of Success Academy is to enhance education from a Personal Education Potential (PEP) and provide appropriate learning opportunities for our students through Individual Success Plans (ISP). Essential to the achievement of this goal is our establishment of an environment that is conducive to learning with a sensitive staff and an academically challenging program under-girded by an emphasis on citizenship which focuses on personal responsibility, respect, work ethics, integrity, self-esteem, parental commitment, and community service.


Potential is so completely unknown to us, we dare not underestimate any student.


Because potential is so completely unknown to us; we see all students as possibilities, therefore all students are potential achievers.

GENELL M. MILLSSOS Parental Involvement Plan

I, GENELL M. MILLS, do hereby certify that all facts, figures, and representations made in this application are true, correct, and consistent with the statement of assurances for these waivers. Furthermore, all applicable statutes, regulations, and procedures; administrative and programmatic requirements; and procedures for fiscal control and maintenance of records will be implemented to ensure proper accountability for the expenditure of funds on this project. All records necessary to substantiate these requirements will be available for review by appropriate state and federal staff. I further certify that all expenditures will be obligated on or after the effective date and prior to the termination date of the project. Disbursements will be reported only as appropriate to this project, and will not be used for matching funds on this or any special project, where prohibited.

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Charter schools are autonomous entities that operate on a contractual basis between the organizers of the school and the charter school’s sponsor (the local school board). The Legislature says that charter schools shall be a part of the state’s program of public education, thus charter schools are public schools. They are non-secular, non-discriminatory and do not charge tuition. Charter schools are non-selective in their admissions process. Perhaps the biggest difference between charter schools and traditional public schools is that charter schools are based on a performance contract which provides a clear accountability in exchange for freedom from restrictive regulations. Continue reading …