Dress Code


Uniform Information edited

Because SOS Academy is a school of choice, ALL students are expected to be in 100% compliance with the uniform policy. The policy is as follows:

  1. All uniforms must be purchased from our official school uniform store .
  2. Boys and girls must wear a long-or-short sleeved knit polo in red, black or white embroidered with the school’s logo.
  3. Girls must wear either black or khaki skirt, skort, Dickie pants, or capris.
  4. Boys must wear Dickie shorts or long pants in khaki or black.
  5. Boys and girls MUST wear closed in shoes or sneaker.  The majority of the shoe or sneaker must be black.  Logos on shoes and different color of soles are permitted.  Sneakers must be worn during P.E.
  6. Boys and girls may wear black or white socks. Girls may also wear tights in black or white.
  7. Boys and girls must have their shirts tucked in at all times.
  8. Boys must wear a black or brown belt at all times with their pants up around the waist.
  9. Hair must be neatly groomed and clean at all times and must be a color that occurs naturally (i.e. blue, green are not acceptable hair colors). Boys may wear stylish hair such as: hair braided, or in corn rows, twist, ponytails or dreadlocks. No picks or combs allowed. No head covering – caps, hats, bandannas, hair curlers, headbands, wrist bands and/or sunglasses. Boys hairstyles MUST BE NEAT!
  10. Only minimal jewelry is allowed. For girls, only one pair of earrings is allowed. Boys may not wear earrings. Large chains and necklaces are not allowed. Necklaces must be worn inside the shirt. No rubber bands, yarn bracelets or wristbands may be worn. No gold removable teeth.
  11. ALL STANDARD P.E. UNIFORMS must be purchased from the school. During the winter months sweatshirts and sweatpants in red, black or white are allowed for PE.
  12. All jackets and sweaters must zip or button all the way up and down. Pull over jackets and “hoodies” are not allowed.


Students who are out of compliance with the uniform policy face the following consequences:

  • 1st Offense Written referral, parental contact and detention
  • 2nd Offense Written referral, 1 day out of school suspension
  • 3rd Offense Written referral, 3 days out of school suspension
  • 4th Offense SOS Admission Contract violation and student will be in jeopardy of being dismissed from school.